• The participants are asked to submit a  4 pages paper in IEEE format (see the conference website for the link to the IEEE templates: News & Events - Ethics and Explainability for Responsible Data Science (EE-RDS) (Ethics and Explainability for Responsible Data Science (EE-RDS)). The maximum number of pages is set to 8.
  • The participants are encouraged to share their models and source code in github at the end of this challenge (This is not mandatory). 
  • The teams with the best results will be invited to contribute to an overview paper, which will be submitted to a high impact journal.
  • Please add in your paper a non numbered section at the end of the paper and before the references for: (i) Conflict of interest (If no conflict of interest is present, please write: The authors declare no conflict of interest.) and for (ii) Limitations (Please indicate the limitations of using the approach. For example: The proposed approach is not meant to be used as a diagnosis tool.)

More info

  • The test set will be available October 1st, 2021.
  • The deadline for the challenge paper submission is October 10, October 13, 2021 (no further delay is possible to allow for paper review). 
  • You can start writing your paper and reporting your results with the validation dataset.
  • Once the test results become available, you can add them to your results section including your analysis and discussion of your test results.
  • The teams with the best results will be invited to present online using Zoom or Teams (date and time will be available soon)


  • To cite this challenge in your paper, here is a bibtex example:

                author = {Akhloufi, Moulay A. and Chetoui, Mohamed},
                title = {{Chest XR COVID-19 detection}},  
                howpublished = {\url{}},
                month = {August},
                year = {2021},
                note = {Online; accessed September 2021},

Addition submission info

  • Direct submission link:
  • Please select 'PG Challenge - COVID-19 Detection via Chest X-rays' as one of your subject areas during submission.
  • Important: You need to submit your results in the 'Test Set Leaderboard' if you want your publication in IEEExplore and/or the planned multi-author challenge journal submission.
  • You also need to report your test results as in 'Test Set Leaderboard' in your paper.